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perience as indicating the same opinion this surgeon advising ampu

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product of tyrosin. resembles adrenalin in chemical and functional respects. So

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author considers the question of abdominal tubercu

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It will be observed that the mortality from consumption and other lung

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upon the sympathetic is to isolate the heart by a section of

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gas bacillus in association with other bacteria in inflamma

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walls heat is conducted rapidly but air is not permitted to

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and trimmed and strips of leather with hooks having

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suddenly developed the symptoms of hypopituitarism. In

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and nausea the temperature rose to 105 the respirations to 42

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quite still or only moving passively. Pricking the skin of the hind

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liealth and reduced death rates of recent years was

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at the end as at the beginning of the experiment although he was

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latter became plentifully supplied with hospitals for smallpox deserves espe

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occurred the relatives did not avail themselves of it.

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every case slight modifications in detail being neces

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exercise guardianship over the 2 000 insane contained in the

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tissue muscle tissue blood and lymph we have the constituent

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day August I2th Dr. Columbus Brown of Creal Springs.

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Case 3 Chestnut gelding epithelioma removed by Drs.

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than in the essential fever and is less abrupt in its onset.

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In the midst of this general congestion appear grayish bands

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relieving Libut. Col. Albbbt Habtsuff deputy surgeon

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one at the junction of the anterior two thirds and the

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Limestone water. Much has been written about this agent

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intestinal obstruction the nature of which we do not

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fever 32 erysipelas 8 typhoid fever 17. whooping cough 8

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Containing 111 Original Plioto Micrographs with Explanatory Texts.

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to become blocked by tenacious mucus arid blood clot. Besides wool

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it may not produce any active symptoms we have already pointed

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tions have thrust themselves into the foreground. Physiologist have long real

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mortality rates probably indicate lessened virulence of many of

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there are certain things which must be done certain con

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produced without the aid of any organ which could be

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inlet. Raising the hand towards the sacrum the os will be discovered

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muscle however are enclosed in the same facial sheath.

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tunity to go hunting. The doctor is a fine sportsman and is

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small pox or cow pox of occasioning this misfortune but

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fatal and was characterized especially by its rapid course and by the

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owing to the expected distemper or merely to the plaister. This

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do not come within the scope of this particular consideration. In

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tween fifty and sixty inches and this Dr. Rugh consid

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maladies for example tubercle it lessened pellagra be

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had become sinuous. A week before the animal s left hind pastern

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probably be accounted far by the decomposition of iodoform

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conditions and 2 these occasioned through sympathetic

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with any form of renal disease excepting granular degene

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the test on the Snellen letters was shown to be considerably impaired.

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tom at the outset though the animal is dull listless and without

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and wandering spirits. These may be taken internally snuffed

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of the clan during which old comrades met and renewed acquaintance

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s en aileron Hollande y tronvor les autres tro upos maisqu ils

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eitivmity of the apex. This systolic bruit may also when loud and

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honse in the morning a substantial breakfast should be taken and a

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horse and when night came on we started for an old dilapidated

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in the mossy forest above 900 m. Malaya and Polynesia.

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tory canal and Eustachian tube continued for months and even

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monthly statistical section of wou nd bacterioio gv I 1082