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effected, and he states that at the Truss Society the cases are
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the home and Mediterranean fleets, and chiefly, of course, among
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less he fall into the hands of an unskillful physician. The thorough cleansing of
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A Case of lAgatyre of the External Iliac Artery for Femoral
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mal condition. The great variation which is found even in
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appear that the so-called nuclei were subjected to chemical examina«
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tamed into a defiled body of abominations by sinful man. In the present age, in
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still, probably, equivalent to that of the electrical organ of fishes.'*
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I 50, and the marked docrea ■ in height between those ages, is some-
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61,000 out of an estimated population of 4,841,167. There seems
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Miscellaneous Contributions to the Study of Pathology. By John
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and will be still more puzzled by the Parthian shot at the
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field. While beggars Infest the corners and importune the passers, on the score
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and forty-four as cases of albuminuria,^' or scarlatinal nephritis.
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cially the muscles of the upper arm and shoulder, but he can grasp
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of Abraham. They circumcise to prevent masturbation, and marry young to give
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antimonated, under . - tion of liver complaint, or inflammation ol the
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to the realms of death. How important, then, that cwry means should be used to
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diseases always inflict the greatest distress and loss. Both
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only be possible if the predisposing conditions for the development
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vertical anterior temporal border. The eyebrows are rather
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the sublimate undissolved. Coarse crystals consisting of
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of the throat will reveal in nearly all these cases that the throat
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age. Spontaneous downward progress has never been apparent.
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there may be restlessness, chills and fever, delirium, convulsions,
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making innocence and purity their victims, and contaminating the whole race of a
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By examination of the reports of lunatic asylums throughout the countiy. we
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and providers for the family. Husbands are often feeble and sickly, while the
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