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during tbo paroxysms of active palpitation and diminishes in tbe inter
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which the individual is to possess are present iu an
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salivation and inability to properly masticate the food thereafter
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however showed the presence of a very high degree of
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be an exhibition of specimens illustrating the subjects for
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carry out the proper hygienic measures such as being
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constitute a symptomatic triad in the absence of which the diagnosis of
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ful examination a question on which the profession in this country
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also been placed at the disposal of the authorities and by
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gradually by lysis and never by crisis. Hyperpyrexia is not very un
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handicapped by weakness congenital or acquired morphologic or
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oscillating fashion. In other cases too it may be noticed that extension
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within the uterine cavity to give to it bulkiness and to
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cows hogs goats chickens etc. have free access to the
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ed in amount by such affections as diarrhoea by which phospliates are
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shall excel in the i roduction of long wooled and nnitton sheep. Iln
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lik s spots comprise the first pathognomonic sign of
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bility continued and stiffness and rigidity developed
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loosened aud extracted without pain. In speaking of the
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ficial at high altitudes as the pressure of oxygen in the lungs is
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insist upon increased exertions on the part of the managers whilst
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that in an uncomplicated case the surgeon can in all respects manage the
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month gives opportunity to detect cases of poor physical develop
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Goethe s poetical description of the matrimonial state Die
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grew slowly for a year. In addition to morphia which had been used
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case was counted for such patients. The total cases treated were
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to begin with the last volume and read that first. In the last
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bonic acid gas. The Kesselbrunnen or Kurbrunnen waters give out more
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congestion varied. In a number of experiments conges
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form we have high febrile symptoms ushered in by chills a tempera
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diaease is always unfortunate but in the ease of a curable dis
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ations of the cervix were often sewed up with injuri
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Electric examination disclosed only quantitative changes
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mediastinal divisions be taken into consideration. He maintains that
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abdominal wall. Each application lasted ten minutes and after four such
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the sick man pointing to the door I beg you ll make
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ment by the application of artificial pneumothorax.
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sound disclosed no stone nor could any stone be found on
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domen. Five hours after ojieration he presented all
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ease medicine is more kind both to animals and man
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but evinces a marked increase of the reflexes. After death the fol
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had a chancre in 1881 and four years later had an erup
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orbital wall. There is a rich vascular anastomosis between the nasal
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It is only later and after a series of new experiments that we
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Glossina palpalis only transmitted the disease mechanically
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was suggested to the Safety First Committee but have
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Dorf a mile away uphill is rather more bracing than