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lactic but it does serve the purpose of warning the

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as for the red cells but the dissolving principle is dif

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alone do not give a fair basis for comparison of the

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notation before a process was completed by which the present

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a matter of the greatest difficulty to distinguish between the morbid

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Joints Some degeneration on all surfaces of knee no

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one finds in all acute visceral inflammations viz. loss of appetite pro

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pedicle. It is quite probable that such a condition exists in

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mena are quickly followed or accompanied by diminution or loss of the

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paraplegia arises from on altered nutrition of the cord due to exten

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instructive cases specimens and preparations have been made for this edition.

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give rise to congestions usually of the same occasionally of some other part.

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accessory nerve in itself a rare type. It presents

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following causes 1 extension of pyogenetic disease from the cavity of

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His injuries were now rapidly healing. He had left the

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precedes dilatation. But M. Sehiff haa performed experiments

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treatment. It has been the rare privilege of this generation to

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other it is probably most distinct on the side to which that is

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curred preceded a few hours previously by a small trickle easily controlled by

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should be confined to sight smell taste and memory. There

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cords his observations on himself he having lost one

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branches of Surgery. The other Company known as the Fellowship m

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poultice. Many are opposed to its use because it gets cold when

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electrical currents have also been observed in which no lesions

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asserted their belief that the complaints were due to the abdominal

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and scarcelv to be avoided iu deciding upon operations or

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rejoicing style is blatant vulgarity. Of style in relation to attitude of

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ical Department supplies at that station and command. The surgeon

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amelioration is one of short duration and is usually followed by a more

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son who has illusions for example sees an empty dressing

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Tlie principle offers a rational explanation of th gt

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concretes on the stem is called tear mastich that which eJIs oq

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corrosive chloride of mercury is often added to it.

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Loetller s solution ienthol 10 grammes dissolved in toluol to 30 cc.

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the fingers. The mass being held in this way it should be

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the shell with toluol and also the water surrounding the shell. 4 Keep

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the cold. This of course must be done at the onset.

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gave metastases to the mesenteric lymph glands sixth rib on

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the Board arc to be defrayed from the fees received on

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calving. Occasionally a cow is naturally deficient in the organs of gener

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in a compartment of the stomach and the subsequent plugging of the

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such instruments as must be introduced. Then too the constant bath

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aval service. Experience on this expedition as on former ones.

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and expressed the belief that such measures were the best preventive

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weighed 470 grams. Birch Hirschfeld saw a patient in whom the

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astringent. The above American species would probably answer as

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losses are not the only outcome of negligence in dealing with it

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which force burst it lengthwise in its upper part near the

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of the surgeons declared that it would be necessary

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was left in charge. On Nov. 3rd on stethescopic examination he heard

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upon the food in the digestive organs causing it to di

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English currants and raisins each 1 lb. sliced and chopped citron lb.

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minute s duration in the library and they found that their views were

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It sought to procure suitable and adequate relief and

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tions. Everything with them is on a sweeping scale with the natural

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condition furnishes the best objective evidences that we have. The ophthal

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warmed water require the use of a thermometer to regulate

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pain are the most common drugs to which people become addicted.

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accurately and neatly the accounts of an ordinary business.

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is abrogated. It must then be tlie care of the State to

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this organism yet they are not always successful. In

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