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It is obvious that the first duty of the physician is to

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Ross R. Report on Malaria at Ismaila and Suez Liverpool School of Tropical

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solutions of many of the problems as worked out in these lower

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fair complexions but without consuming your time in giving a general his

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donna has been used as a prophylactic of scarlatina when that disease

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porated to dryness when impure crystals will be obtained. To purify

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improvement follows sooner than on subcutaneous injection while the

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day. Water with too much lithium in it should be avoided. A linle

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The following are some of the interesting specimens received during

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also seen but the seat of the sclerosing process has not been clearly

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The surface when deprived of the scales is hyperaemic and shining in

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States Army up to the present stage of the development of that

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arrange a few thoughts as they have comes hypersensitive and forces the

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culation we can see that when the liver cells are compro

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olhcr hand the surgeons who advocated early passive

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getting in touch with the officers or units they having returned to

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joint has been held immovable for some time this may be a difilcult

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Illinois and some other states. Except in selected cases the marriage of

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raised much sooner than it otherwise would and the mother in eat

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mass about the size of a small marble. This was subsessile.

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the amount of blood. The hiomoglobin undergoes gradual transformation

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details of this Crusader surgeon s technic as given in his son s

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cause of stillbirth in each case. The following table

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case of parathyroid adenomas. The results however are so uncertain

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that is difficult to measure and is not easily given sufficient credit

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practice and is liable to be called on to serve where and when

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Charing Cross with a candle stuck in a beer bottle as

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or the arytaeno epiglottidean fold subhyoid pharyngotomy after preliminary

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ing thymol in ninety grain doses it is the author s

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Sherrington has given us a minute analysis of the factors concerned in the

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it as tbepealtgatKcalme Mtcboacan it is a great to tome

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varieties of asthmatic affections as they are named in different lan

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lips. More specifically it holds that the calling in of a physi

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and long and bowed upwards and well cut out under the jaws.

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quent softening in various parts of the brain including

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to contain blood if patient survives for several days.

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paratively little affected while the paraplegic symptoms

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in false position unless disease causing loss of substance had altered

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metamorphosis of these bodies essential in the formation of plugs.

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parently justified a diagnosis of organic disease of

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with oftenest in drivers servants bakers sailors and laborers.

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thirty eight British and foreign professional periodicals being regularly

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concerning the etiology and pathology of pemphigus.

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and continue to provide acoommociation for many hundreds of

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wander freely about the body or merely ensconce themselves in the superficial

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diflScuIty to know what is toxical and what is physiological

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to the best of his belief he was bitten only once by a