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shall endeavor to suggest some of the symptoms and conditions which arise

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lactic but it does serve the purpose of warning the

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year. He studied medicine in Dublin. Crampton Marsh Stokes and

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the skin of the host falls to the ground and concealed beneath some

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est nobilissimum profecto apparet quam diversa fuerint Idbrorum

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cult to distinguish a patchy diphtheritic pellicle from the exudate of the

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even be apparent beneath the liver capsule. Jreat enlargement of the

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this method in properly chosen cases and regard the

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ever to prevent it by eating less and exercising more.

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and at intervals of two weeks thereafter for six weeks of tumor

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itself was only 10. i per cent and two of the deaths

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carcinoma of the retroperitoneal glands Cruveilhier and Andral

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sittings should be frequent every day or every second

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The Annual Catalogue published at Conninniencement by author

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established as the basis of unwillingness to serve. A number of malingerers

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with every care and justice in first recommending those candidates

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muscular contractions produced by electric shook naturally tend

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still troublesome but she took a tea cupful of mutton broth

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our knowledge of this important subject especially in connexion with the

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with hemiplegia of the opposite side of the body and other cerebral

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und den Querschnitt des Ausgangszustandes bezogen worden.

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was no medicinal treatment to which arrest of the disease could be

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avoirdupois. The experiments of the continental authorities were com

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hensive friends especially should be kept away from him until the

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arterio sclerotic ulcers of the aorta chronic peritonitis

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been happily robbed of its terrors by the scientific treatment that

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cult of recognition than would be supposed. The pains

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appear some days after the eruption. Paralysis may last several days

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the number by tens of thousands. It is but a quesion

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landmark because the spinal accessory nerve usually

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year after year adopted resolutions which had been laid before the

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the rock salt series the calcite.series aragonite zinc

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question of control should in most cases be di.scussed

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still persisted but the patient was encouraged to use his hands and

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articles. There are numerous references to the marked increase of intestinal

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effect were a moral certainty and a natural fate. But whatever harm

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bright red with blood sometimes merely smoky and often chemical

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contorted the surface longitudinally furrowed. It is en

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tice until such payment shall have been made but any

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The best residts arc beiug obtained with gas and oxygen

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Bj Dr. James U. HuTCBI BaK Fliyaician to the Episcoj

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able to find any remains of liver cells in the lung

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Its Curative Power is largely attributable to its stimulant

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found to be sufTering from urticarial rash offensive discharges intense

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was traced to the door of the retroflexed uterus which

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your attention less than animal and pharmaceutical chemistry.

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were injected. Although the result of the treatment was

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ance of the dangers connected with the let alone treat

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Pork which contains these cysts is called measly pork and

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matism has been more firmly established and treatment based

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the inquiry having arisen out of a charge made against him and he


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especially if not kept clean it will become red and oedematous. When

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moderate degree of anaesthesia is often developed in the form of

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space no provision having been mad nr the admission of j ure

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bined with patience that a spirited colt can be. made to walk for

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now in training under the direction of the Federal Board

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Moore is accredited with the trustworthy report of the case of a woman

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primarily on the nerves and central nervous system and only

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ledged. Indeed we are told by observers whose accuracy

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although all liquids even its mother s milk are instantly rejected. Prostra

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special climatic features of the northern shores of Lake

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ing lowest Army rate 25.23 for 1896. For the United States con

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the usual treatment for nervous shock must be applied in the

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gradual decline of the testicular and the parotid swellings

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enzymes had previously been developed by Clinical Chemistry and are now

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persistence in the modern vice of dressing the feet improperly prevail

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solved by feeling with the index finger of the right

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non saccharine constituents of the sap which remain in

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The following table of the digestibility of the most commoB

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The physical examination was otherwise negative except for slight

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The degree and extent of this sclerosis varies. In some cases the

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gis apice haud incrassatis rotundatis interdum aristulatis medio septatis

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In view of the results of our worm counts and these observa

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presents on its surface openings of small size. Its crypts tend to find