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rupees a year towards the maintenance of lock hospitals. The Govern

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a complete though temporary local paralysis. Of this fact you are all aware.

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died last week in Pittsfield of cerebrospinal meningitis.

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Preparation. Take of the recently gathered Root of Stillingia cut

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figure showing a horizontal section the tumour seems to be

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patient has previously practised deep breathing. In

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steadily aggravated. The pulse tem of cases the turban like epiglottis

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movable and there are no adhesions to be broken up one

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fluenced to committee to whom was referred the selec

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Morbid Anatomy. The anatomical lesion of pulmonary oedema consists

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greater the hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart the greater

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connective tissue cells multiply. On the inner surface a hyaline

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hension of the natural processes of evolution as exhibited in the

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French Gennan Italian Spanish and Chinese. In 1870

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tion or other service is of a kind which can consistently

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essential that an antidote be given as soon as possible. The most

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among these men and among the recruits of the old regiments. The

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destructive infectious diseases and marked enough in

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imagination of a certain class of people is an abomination that

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of incessant vomiting of i regnancy in which he had

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of the limb he cuts while soft using the bandage or bandalet

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aged on with firm even pressure and left in place until

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an ideal medium for the development of various molds

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obtained by scarification of the purpuric patches showed the presence of

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of the brain chest and abdomen to excite.the languid action of vessels

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picture of the uterus and wrote the best treatise of his time on

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ferret out disease and purify and keep the temple of life in ease

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Cijsticercus pinifonnis that of the Dog and Cat by the C. Plerocer

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and see how it is with reference to the temperatures

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localization of this hypjestliesia generally corre

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arrested or not may be irreparably dilated. The aortic and

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upon the system in sleep. It is for this reason that

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application be recognised in the treatment of affections like those in

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investigations of typhoid fever upon completion of this

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but after a time they begin to become painful and when they takd

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vis a tergo. It is only lately that they have recognised the

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Regarding narcotics twenty five drops of tincture of opium German Phar.

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medicine. Collins in closing stated that he had seen so many

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these substances are determined by the other also and cannot

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Its examinations are four in number each of them being

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vaginal wall and the urethra the sound will then pass into the bladder.

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finally decided upon he should take pains to assure

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investigated and if there is anything abnormal discovered

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ring pessaries so small that they can do neither harm nor

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From the first lecture of introductory remarks to the ninth

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The external sphincter is of further use in the act of defeca

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and hydrocyanic acid is liberated. Linseed meal is apparently not usually

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differ most widely one is a moral the other a phys

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vessels we can do but little by way of direct treatment beyond

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give aids to digestion and sedative correctives un

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and preparing it for growth in the mosquito I have not allowed