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gnuis should be cut. Spasm of the glottis passes away by a peculiar
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muscular hypertrophy with commencing dilatation of the
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of purpura haemorrhagica such as epistaxis bleeding from the gums or
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Porto Rican troops and 0.69 per 1 000 for native Filipino troops.
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and have recently published an excellent handbook giving a very
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methods have evolved into that of taking two radio
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is but a brief and therefore a most unsatisfying sketch of Daven
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Albumins whether from meat milk or vegetables the chemist terms
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was completely detached. The posterior pole of the eyeball was
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transmitted through adisc clutch to a gearbox giving three
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irregular. It is due to premature contractions arising in the ventricle.
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nitrogen in tuberculosis the death rate has lessened.
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has word blindness that is whether the patient can read print script
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rope seem to me as bad geographers as Alexander who
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in every age has had its theory of the febrile pro
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Laidley of Richmond Va. has ascertained the formation of Oxalic
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marine hospitals afforded an abundance of material.
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Although no physician will be inclined to use mercury
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only be made after most thorough physical examination and a
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November 1899 complaining of swelling of the feet and
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accompanying illustrations Figs. 5 6 and 7 explain its mechanism. Several
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The enormous and ever Increasing volume of the literature relating
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discussed later. Subject I gave a maximum value of 5.50 for H
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f lapsed from the time when an action could first have
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a remarkable agglutinating power for Shiga strains. Chick Lancet
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also talked with the National Science Foundation the Department of Health and
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Lieutenant Colonel C. R. Stevens Professor of Clinical
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prising 1820 cases Lubarsch noted tuberculosis in 60 6 per cent in
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that the circuits are tested at a certain hour each day
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minutes. Cool cloths should be applied to the head with friction
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cent creolin or 1 in 2 000 sublimate solution may be used.
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treat a dilated vessel. The treatment by rest as absolute as caa be
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muscular structures while the soft palate may be so attenuated that
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since the day of Galen as the first condition essential to the formation
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course of the disease the peculiar type of the protozoon the
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The dura mater being partially adherent to the bone
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the suggestion of a remedy we endeavour to ascertain the precise seat
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They were agriculturists and cultivated rice. They defecated in
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from lack of fats however and appear to be likely to develop rickets
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notes into two parts the first called Theoria gives
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In forwarding parts for binding the name and address of sender should be
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resided next door during the period of their residence at Courtenay Station.
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escaped from the distended follicle. As however the morbid process
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spirited and instructive and the social features of the meeting
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vasomotor nerves thereby sustaining the important func
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where it is scarce. Kola is always presented to the
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alleged persistent oozing of blood from mucous surfaces the contents of the
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This experience led to the conclusion that the manifestations of
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given in gelatine capsules. Mercury turpentine creasote nitrate of potash
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teen days following the injections of serum and are the reactions
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by vagal stimulation but stimulates the cardiac muscle 1S74 has given place
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but nevertheless prolonged weakness of the heart. The pres
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tion was organized at Denver last year when the profession
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Prof. FoRssELL has shewn that the stomach can elongate and shorten
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and side of pharynx. The patient was presented at my clinic
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appendices being removed by cautery. Sepsis is retarded by
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Before treatment is instituted under any of these heads
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Cataio anotoasacUe of certaine founoings of longtime
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Ijecause there is no room for distention and every instant the
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Treatment. Treatment must be strictly individualized and for
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recognized which heretofore were called hysterical and are even called
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panies employing a who e.ime medicil officer the garden
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part identical persons. Among the Saoras of Madras the
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be different from a chronological age. In the mental sphere this is very
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Value 50 awarded annually to students from New Zealand.
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animal or the vegetable world it will cure as well as mercury.
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the former are contained these following things. Convulsions
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permanent and associated with dilatation of the gall bladder which may
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fidence depends. But if a distant member of the faculty
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to their offspring and differentiate them from other species of
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complete post aural or Schwartze Stacke operation is indicated and is almost
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arsenic may be administered alternately with iron. The greatest amount
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Rest and club rooms considered essential by many employers add that element
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the facts in question must he taken into considera
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phalangeal joint. The pain is sometimes beyond comprehension.
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blood from an artery. When a large vein has been cut blood flows
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