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which embodied everything of moment in the resolution
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apparatus and cause temporary paralysis. Slight trauma
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scholia in Lycophron. 1114. itemque noster in ejusdem poematis
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to it with no recent cases added to the literature of the period
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A Case of Purulent Puerperal Peritonitis Drainage Recovery.
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and of oxidation Lusk observed that ingested glycocoll increased oxidation
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carbonate relieves itching in urticaria prurigo and chronic
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hearing and by the results obtained from inflation of the middle ear by
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Professor V. N. Popoffsaw splendid results from the
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Fournier was an ardent believer in the doctrine and his
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could be done effectively in a year we would be rid of
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gave him on general principles a dose of sweet oil.
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ing the stomach in two places. Through the wound protruded the greater
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motion impeded. Its outward appearance varies according as
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relationship of the cartilage to the parotid glands and masseter
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hospitals and Lord Strathcona has supplied him with
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tion qualifying for the membership of the Royal College of Thysicians of
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cultures ofsplenictissue outside the bodymayproduceantibodies i3.
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cal characters to the nuclei of smooth muscle cells. The
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number during the past twenty years. The cases reported
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and Deputy Representatives so as to be received not later
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charged Dr. Jones with manslaughter and when a man made a charge
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of acting on the crasis of the blood as alkalies and
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propagate their species with considerable activity and direful
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them and their silky skeins and also stops working. They
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completely relieved by the splenectomy. Osier regards
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higher culture. The privilege because of his qualifications
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also occur. In old chronic cases calcareous particles may be expectorated.
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pharmacologists it is astonishing that it is only in
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within eight hours following an operation was usually high from 50
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While the sex of these patients did not exert any influence over
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discharge was called by the older writers the female
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of medicinal vaseline is a very useful vehicle for making solutions to be
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Idiopathic brachycardia is that which occurs with its attendant symptoms
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a great variety of languages they would require for their adequate
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a new formation consisting of spindle shaped and stellate cells the inten
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coloured spots only on the border of each segment each margin of the
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better the chances for our future knowing that it has
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may for all we know have to be extended over miles. But such
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Polytechnic Institute Pharmaceutical Society Polytechnic Institute
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American troops in the Philippines year 1912 Enlisted men.
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intercourse and if there is no ovum in the canal above uterus
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found to cause very appreciable trouble in early vehicles.
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is now building its structures of wood. In case of a
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larger or smaller bronchi or the alveoli are involved. The
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by the presence of adventitious growths. When this obtains we
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Btrides in medicine and surgery midwifery had remained
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diseases of the ear. Syphilis induces catarrhal swell
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object of drawing conclusion on these two heads that the
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require a mixed and varied treatment and that its treatment cannot be based
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suited to the advocate of a new religion than to a scientific
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class may be found in cases of impetigo in children
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some physical change by which they become adherent to each other and to
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and there were two cases in which without valvular disease the weight was
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ftind founds but contenting themfelves with the lefs accuracy of their
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field of operation save at the fundus Uniting as they did
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tology of the tubercle process been cleared up but much
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Uterine Instruments Complete Set. In a neat flat case measuring
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anatomical correlations and explanations. The application of the
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use of alkaline drugs such as bicarbonate of soda together with
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The minimum height requirement was sixty inches up to June 5
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is likely to remain small however striking its suc
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endeavored to suture the borders of the perforation
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point recognised of course by all students of nerve
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Most of these could be diagnosed very early from a the
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avoided that contain coal tar derivatives having local
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subject and lays the foundation for careful conscien
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early churches to missions and Sunday schools and tracts as is noted
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lung pleura kidneys bones suprarenals spleen brain cervical glands
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jointed filaments many of which terminated in an ovoid vesicle sur
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much lower than those during the war but higher than that for any
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abdomen is very sore over the linea spina umbilicalis and
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typhoid vaccine as a prophylactic. There were two brothers
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of hydrogen be added on a slide. If blood colouring matter is
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Dr. Kollock your valuable paper has fully covered the field.
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Maggot Fly Experiment Station has at the instance of sheep owners
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swelling and the obstruction to breathing are altogether out of propor
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the patients covered by Dr. Anderson s interesting report the young
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had been continued by the attendant after sleep was procured. VVhen 1 saw